Let’s Turn your rental property into a vibrant business.

A great holiday home is a destination in and of itself.


Every so often we step through a doorway and experience an immediate sense of calm and belonging. It’s hard to describe why certain places have such a strong positive effect; yes, it’s about the location and the design, but there’s also something more elusive than that. It’s just…The Feel. These spaces tell a story, while leaving room for each person they welcome to create their own. Every overlooked nook is an opportunity to build a purposeful feature that someone will love, and never is this special something more important than in a space we go to get away.

A rental property is a business opportunity.

Many people own a holiday home or investment property that is either sitting empty or bringing in a fraction of the nightly rate it could be, and all it takes to change that is a little bit of attention… and a lot of experience. That’s where we come in. Through redesigns both big and small, with an ongoing emphasis on environmental responsibility and supporting local business, we are able to turn a resource-draining rental property into a thriving source of income. Marketing doesn’t need to be a headache when your property speaks for itself, and it’s our privilege to find that voice.

Every property has a story to tell. Let’s uncover yours.


To create unique spaces which inspire and delight, whilst supporting our earth and the creatures which live upon her.



We place great importance on sustainability, foremost in terms of using non-toxic, environmentally friendly and locally sourced materials & methods whenever possible, but additionally with regard to the longevity of the design and property itself.

Kingsway House Entrance


Our goal is to provide unique, immersive experiences for every person who steps through the threshold of your property, by creating a space that is not only functional and beautiful but appealing to all senses. As our motto goes, it’s all about the feel.

Waiheke Island Kitchen


One of our main priorities (and sources of inspiration) is collaboration with artisans, designers and businesses local to each property we transform. Our focus is on beautiful, bespoke pieces that reflect the personality of the place, the community and its story.

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Melbourne-based, available for work around Australia & New Zealand.



The beauty of Waiheke Island speaks for itself, so we created an inspiring, comfortable couples retreat that worked with the breathtaking natural landscape around it in every possible sense. From locally sourced materials to using the view itself as a design feature, every inch of this home tells its own story and reflects the community it sits within. A sense of calm now flows through what was once a dull and unappreciated space, and whether visitors are staying for a weekend or a fortnight they leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, having formed a real connection with the island. This transformation entailed a refurbishment of the entire property, including a full renovation of the kitchen and bathrooms, following which the rental price more than tripled, shooting from $150/night to $500.

Given the extent of this renovation, minimising environmental impact was at the forefront of the project’s agenda.

The heart of this home is the landscape in which it sits, so it was a natural choice that as much of the material as possible be locally sourced or upcycled. The wood used for several landscaping aspects was taken from fallen trees in the surrounding bush, the stone was primarily gathered from the local quarry and many outdoor design features were made entirely from repurposed existing materials. One example of this was an original cauldron from a chocolate factory, which was given new life as a large planter near the front of the property. Internally, materials from the demolished walls were given new life as doors, shelves and wardrobes, and existing electrical fittings were replaced with more environmentally friendly and energy efficient alternatives.

great artwork and unique pieces are closer than you think.

From stone carved by local Maori artisans to the traditional flax woven into a bespoke light fitting and the artwork spread around the property, every piece comes together to tell a story of this specific home and the land it was built upon. Many feature pieces were created locally with upcycled material, and a new eco-friendly hot water pump replaced the old copper hot water cylinder, which was then itself repurposed to create a unique set of bathroom sinks and mirrors..



A family home with a borrowed view


Nestled amongst the palms, just west of Byron Bay, sits a personal oasis. What was once an under-utilised family home in need of some serious TLC is now a welcome refuge from the stresses of everyday life. With a sprawling ground floor design that lends an air of day-spa-meets-private-villa, paired with the simple luxury of a modern kitchen and tranquil, renovated bathrooms, it’s a home you don’t need to take a holiday from. The aim with this project was to create a sense of privacy and tranquility, and the seamless blend of indoor and outdoor spaces takes that brief to the next level. One particularly inviting addition adjoining this outdoor space is the parents’ retreat - a garden shed given new life as a yoga studio and meditation space, complete with outdoor shower.

The open plan nature of the main living area makes it perfect for larger groups, families or entertaining, and plays perfectly into the overall ease of the property. The exterior features and garden were designed to add character over time, and enhance the identity of the property without requiring a great deal of effort from those enjoying the space. Nowadays the vines and shrubbery weave up the wooden walls, bringing the tropical jungle fantasy to life.

The real genius of this space, however, is the ‘borrowed view’ - the product of creative landscaping and an eye for opportunity.

After realising that the closest neighbouring property was built at the very back of an acre of otherwise uninterrupted land, Francesca and the team had the idea to strategically ‘plant out’ the neighbouring house itself - hiding it from sight - and remove all visual obstacles between their own property and the view. By doing this they secured an extra acre of landscape to enjoy, and created the sense of being on secluded rural acreage, despite being on a suburban lot. Space is truly a luxury in and of itself.


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The Feel is a responsible design initiative, founded by award-winning interior and exterior designer Francesca Elischer.

With a career spanning four decades (and a childhood spent on building sites with her architect father), Francesca combines her experience in both the commercial and domestic design worlds with a passion for responsible design. 

A Perth native, she began her career working for firms that specialised in hotels, first in Singapore and later Prague. The influence of these early years has been a key player in turning her attention back to hospitality now, though her approach and ethos has developed over the course of the intervening years.

From setting records for resale value in the domestic market to sitting on boards for both the Society for Responsible Design and the Design Institute of Australia, she has carved her own path in the industry she was born to love.

After taking time off to enjoy the fresh challenge of motherhood, she was inspired by a bolstered sense of responsibility (and a few more years of hands-on building experience) to focus her energy on eco tourism and breathing new life into rental properties around Australia and New Zealand.

Find out more about Francesca and The Feel here.

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